Arriva London receives accreditation


Following a successful assessment of the engineering facility at Palmers Green Bus Garage by the British Standards Institute, full accreditation to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000 has been recommended.

This now means that all of the operating and engineering facilities within Arriva London, including ancillary departments such as driver training, purchasing, risk management and CCTV along with customer services have now been assessed and recommended for certification.

Engineering Director, Ian Tarran said: "We are all very proud of the hard work that has gone into achieving this accreditation and reflects the attention to detail that we place on all our working practices."

"The recommendation will be independently verified within the BSI and upon such verification a new certificate of registration will be issued for Arriva London North. Arriva London South have had full accreditation for several years".


Published : Fri 12th Sep. 2008
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Engineering Administrative Assistant Apprentice

The Engineering Administrative Assistant provides vital support to the Engineering Management team, providing efficient and effective reporting and maintaining compliance within bus garages.

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Recruitment and Training Administrator

This is a full time position in the Recruitment & Training departments of north and south London. Whilst predominantly based at Watson’s Road, Wood Green, the successful candidate will, on occasions, be required to visit and support the south London team based at Thornton Heath garage.


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