Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Arriva London driver, Jason Dundas, fulfilled his new year’s resolution by getting his hair cut, in fact he’s had the lot shaved off.

The Wood Green driver hasn’t had his locks cut for a year and couldn't wait to lighten up for 2009.

Jason has been growing his hair for the sole purpose of getting it lopped off for charity. He has asked colleagues to sponsor him and has also managed to volunteer one of them to do the honours on the big day.

“I thought we would need a pair of shears,” said Jason, who has raised money for research into cancer.

Jason has a twin brother, Wayne, who is also a driver at Wood Green. Jason joked that he started to grow his hair long because it was the only way people could tell them apart.

“I couldn’t wait to have it all shaved off,” he said, “but the only thing that worries me is that January’s a bit cold. It’s cutting it a bit fine for comfort.”


Published : Fri 30th Jan. 2009
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