At Arriva London we pride ourselves on the high standards of our training department. Whether you are new to the bus industry or already hold a PCV licence, the Arriva training programme will assist you to meet the challenging and demanding role of a professional bus driver.

We have two training schools at Arriva London, one at Edmonton Garage in North London and one at Croydon Garage in South London. Both are accredited by the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) and all staff completing the course receives its nationally recognised qualification along with a PCV Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

In all we have in excess of 60 driving instructors, six training officers and admin and management team, who all assist and guide our trainees through every step of the training programme.

Basic Training
Basic training usually starts with an induction day and familiarisation with the training vehicle. The next stage is a demonstration drive from the instructor followed by a short drive from the trainee.

Over the next few days the trainees driving skills will gradually improve and normally after 15 to 20 hours of driver training one of the training officers will check the progress of the trainee.

As the trainee progresses the training intensifies with both driving and theoretical checks. All trainees must complete and pass the PCV theory and hazard perception test. This is carried out at one of our Driving Standards Agency in-house approved centres normally in the second week of training. More difficult roads and manoeuvres are covered along with controlled braking exercises, the correct method of serving stops and many other aspects of bus driving.

Once the trainee has reached PCV test standard a pre test check is carried out, usually by the training officer that conducted the progress check. As long as the training officer is satisfied of the standards achieved and the trainee has passed the theory and hazard perception test, the trainee will be put forward for their PCV test.

Practical PCV Driving Test
Arriva London has its own delegated driving examiners who will conduct the practical PCV driving test in accordance with Driving Standards Agency regulations.

The driving test usually lasts for approximately 1hr 30mins in which candidates must demonstrate that they can safely manoeuvre their vehicle on the public highway. They must also complete a reversing exercise as well as a controlled stopping exercise and correct door operating procedure.

We will not put a candidate forward for test unless they are deemed capable of passing. Everyone will want the candidate to pass but due to the high standards required, there is no guarantee of a driving test or a test pass certificate.

Post test training
Once a candidate has passed the PCV driving test the training doesn’t stop there.

Ticket Training
This is classroom based and covers the use of electronic ticket machines and procedures used in the ticketing of London’s buses.

Radio Training
All our buses are fitted with a two way radio system which enables drivers to be in constant contact with both the bus control centre and the emergency services.

Type Training
As we have different types of buses that drivers may come into contact with, we will familiarise all drivers on the different types of vehicle. This may just need a short cab demonstration or a full drive.