Engineering the Future at Arriva London

Aqeel changing a cracked headlampAqeel changing a cracked headlampKane using a torque wrench to tighten wheel nutsKane using a torque wrench to tighten wheel nutsTo maintain the highest standard of vehicles for our customers, Arriva London has engineering facilities in most of their garages across London.

These facilities are managed by highly experienced and qualified engineers who provide the skills and techniques to consistently provide these services.

Linked with this, Arriva has a policy of continual development and training for all engineering staff, and looking forward to the future, an extensive apprenticeship and garage trainee training scheme.

Recently, Arriva London has recruited a further 7 young people on to these schemes, which brings the total number across London to 19; 14 apprentices and 5 garage trainees.

We’ve recently been out and talked to three of those on the scheme, Aqeel Akhtar at Wood Green garage and Tom King at Norwood garage who are both electrical engineering apprentices, and Kane Ellis who is a garage trainee at Arriva London’s Barking garage.

Arriva London South Electrical Apprentice Tom KingArriva London South Electrical Apprentice Tom KingTom told us, “The reason I decided to work in electrical engineering is it’s something I’ve always been interested in, and I was lucky enough to find this apprenticeship as there’s not many about at the moment. The qualifications they were looking for were GCSEs in Maths and English to C grade, which fortunately I have. What’s it like working for Arriva? It’s good, they’ve given me training, a good environment to work in and I’m enjoying it”.

Garage trainee Kane Ellis works at Arriva London's Barking garageGarage trainee Kane Ellis works at Arriva London's Barking garageKane Ellis, our garage trainee at Barking, is in his second year of a three year course and had this to say about his work. “It’s an interest from an early age really. I always wanted to get into mechanics or some form of engineering, I thought instead of looking at cars, why not look at the bigger scale. I looked at HGV and buses and coaches and started applying, and that’s where I am now, and I enjoy it, every minute of it. I got my job with Arriva by applying on-line on their web site. After my application form was accepted I began a two stage selection process, the first part of which shortlisted 120 candidates down to 15. I then went into an intense interview where you had to show your knowledge of engineering, to show you did have a passion for it, and you wanted to learn more rather than you just wanted a job. Arriva wanted the right people for the job and somehow it was me and I’m glad of it. I think it’s a good company to work for, we’ve got some good workers here, a great supervisor who knows what’s going on, and you have a great laugh with the blokes”.

Arriva London North Electrical Apprentice Aqeel AkhtarArriva London North Electrical Apprentice Aqeel AkhtarAqeel Akhtar is the second apprentice we talked to; he works at Arriva London’s North London Wood Green garage as an electrical apprentice “I’m a second year apprentice going into my third year, the qualification I required for this apprenticeship was five A-C GCSEs and luckily I had those. Arriva is a very good company to work for, as you can progress up the ladder over the years and you have a secure job. I enjoy my electrical apprenticeship as it gives me something different every day. This morning I was checking batteries, changing head lamps and carrying out rota tasks. I enjoy working here”.

At Arriva London, we are proud of our apprentices and what they achieve. In a recent National Engineering skills competition, all those entering achieved extremely high marks. With these young trainees, and the skilled team of engineers throughout Arriva, we are looking forward to Engineering for the Future.

Published: Mon 29 Oct 2012Modified: Wed 31 Oct 2012

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