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Arriva London Bus Driver

We are currently only recruiting for PCV licence holders.


We are currently looking to recruit multi skilled vehicle engineers to inspect, diagnose, maintain and repair Arriva vehicles.

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager - Arriva London

To enhance the H & S management system across all sites to ensure everyone knows their H & S obligations, we are compliant with legal requirements and are mitigating risks. To provide professional advice, guidance and assistance to managers with the implementation of Arriva’s H & S and environmental practices


To support the engineering team in providing the highest level of technical and diagnostic support to ensure vehicles are maintained and repaired to the required standard.


Responsible for the effective management, licensing and allocation of all 1500 company vehicles including fleet cars and ferry vehicles.

Arriva London’s Management Graduate programme a great success for Ayieshah Haziri
Ayieshah Haziri, Arriva London Graduate
Ayieshah Haziri, Arriva London Graduate

Arriva graduates go places. Our fast-track schemes in General and Engineering Management are available within Arriva London, our UK Bus division, UK Trains as well as in mainland Europe.

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Arriva London

Arriva London is one of the biggest bus operators in London, providing 18 per cent of the capital’s bus services under contract to Transport for London (TfL).

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RM 5
RM 5
RM 5

Seating capacity : 64(36 upstairs, 28 downstairs)

Year : 1959

The first production Routemaster introduced in June 1959. This vehicle has been restored to near original condition.

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