RMC 1464


RMC 1464
RMC 1464

Seating capacity : 57(32 upstairs, 25 downstairs)

Year : 1963

Open top Routemaster with platform door. This vehicle has been used in many celebration parades.

Like RMC 1453 this bus started work at Guildford on Green Line route 715 but it was after an accident in 1990 that its fortunes moved in a different direction when it was converted to open top. Since then it has featured in many celebration parades including Arsenal and Chelsea victories. It has featured in the Lord Mayor’s Show and proved an ideal platform for filming and photography.

In its earlier life as a Green Line coach the vehicle was unusual in being based at a red London Transport garage – Riverside where it had the role as a standby coach for all Green Line routes.

With London Country the vehicle worked from a number of garages including Addlestone, Guildford, Windsor, St Albans, Tring and Leatherhead before returning to London Transport ownership in June 1979. The bus spent 11 years as a driver trainer before Norwood garage staff carried out the open top conversion and named it Norwood Princess.

In 1992 it became the only RMC to be fitted with an Iveco engine. In 1995 it moved from Norwood to join the Leaside Travel fleet in north London.In January 2006 the bus returned south to Norwood as an important member of the Heritage fleet.

On Derby day and Ladies day at Epsom she is always popular as a means of transport to and from the event, but also as a fantastic viewing platform for the races.

For the last few years RMC 1464 has featured in the Lord Mayor's Show to celebrate the commitment of Arriva's staff in their charitable giving through Payroll Giving. In this year's show we will be displaying the Gold Award for their efforts this year, and targeting a Platinum award for the year after.


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Published : Thu 12th Jun. 2014
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